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We are well accustomed to handling both large and small partners and can offer different solutions with regards to training, equipment and off course delicious coffee! If you’re interested in serving world-class coffee, we would love to work with you. So get in contact!


What we offer

We offer freshly roasted coffee in many varieties, but also training and technical support tailored to your needs. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of equipment solutions and can supply all equipment you will need to your café, restaurant or your office coffee space.

If you are interested in serving or selling our coffee, please fill in below form or contact us:

Email: wholesale@yellowbirdcoffee.dk

International Partnerships

Even though our roastery is located in Copenhagen you can rely on our bean supply where ever you are in the world. With years of shipping experience and a trusted logistics partner, we are experienced in finding the best solutions to ensure that you get freshly roasted coffee at the most reasonable price possible. Get in touch if you would like to buy our freshly roasted coffee: wholesale@yellowbirdcoffee.dk


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