Our Roastery

Our roastery is placed in the back of Yellow Bird Coffee at Amager Strand. We roast our coffee every Friday to always have freshly roasted beans available on shelve. We roast our coffees with attention to the variety of beans, processing and cultivation, so please ask us for help choosing your favorite beans.


Our Roaster

At Yellow Bird Coffee we roast our coffee on a Giesen W15A Roaster – we call her The Dutchess. She is flexible and reliable to use for a smaller roastery like ours. The Dutchess has a function of roasting and cooling at the same time, making the production flow seamless. Production capacity is from 500 gram to 15 kg, we roast batches ranging from 6 to 12kg at a time. We roast on The Dutchess every Friday.

Our Beans

At Yellow Bird Coffee we are always trying to source the best possible beans available. As such we always test the beans beforehand and select the best beans available at the given time. Therefore you will find different coffees from a range of countries changing with the harvesting season or simply chosen because they are at their peak.