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This is a monthly subscription of coffee. When purchasing this product, you will receive your chosen amount of coffee each month delivered right to your door. Your chosen coffee will be visible on the subscription product page. Please note coffee bean types within your chosen subscriptions are subject to change without notice- however, replacement beans will resemble a similar coffee bean flavour profile. Prices are subject to inflation- Yellow Bird Coffee ensures that subscriptions remain more affordable than individual bags and in the case of price increases, a higher volume of coffee will be added to your delivery.

Current coffee

Nilza is a darker roasted coffee suitable for espresso or a more classic style filter coffee. It is easy and very drinkable with flavours of honey, vanilla and light chocolate.

Montanhas do Espirito Santo, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Red Catimor



Flavour: Creamy, honey, vanilla, light chocolate

Producer: Sitio Nilza, Nicolau Herzog

Weight: 250 gram or 1000 grams

Process: Natural

Elevation: 925 MASL

Harvested: June-August

Natural Method: Whole cherries are sun dried to remove moisture content. Once dry, the coffee is hulled to remove outer layers resulting in earthy tones.

Nilza is produced by Nicolau Herzog, a descendant from Pomeranian immigrants that moved to Brazil- now part of the fourth generation coffee producers in his family. His great-grandfather, Ricardo Herzog, came from Germany-  breaking ground on the property where til this day coffee agriculture is the main activity.

Around 1970, the farm was renovated according to the latest growing techniques and sown with resistant, high-yielding coffee varieties. Luciano Herzog, Nicolau’s father, continued the labour’s on the farm and taught Nicolau the skills for producing quality coffee. 17 of the farm’s 29 hectares are planted with coffee on the farm in the city of Itarana, Alto Jetibocas community.

Today, father and son work together, facing the difficulties of artisanal labor in order to carry out the process of selective harvesting and coffee de-pulping. Nicolau is motivated to continue passing on the family’s hard work from one generation to the next and maintain the family traditions of coffee production.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 5 × 23 cm

1000 g, 2 x 1000g, 250 g, 3 x 1000g, 4 x 1000g, 5 x 1000g