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La Cristalina

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This coffee is a lightly roasted coffee suitable for a light expressive espresso or a light expressive fruity and floral filter coffee.

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Flavour: Chocolate, Blackberry, Green Apple, Floral

Producer: Luis Jose Valdes

Colombia, Nariño

Weight: 250 gram

Method: Natural

Pink Bourbon

Elevation:1,800 – 2,100 meters above sea level


La Cristalina Pink Bourbon Natural is a unique coffee hailing from the Nariño region of Colombia. Cultivated by Luis Jose Valdes, this coffee boasts the rare Pink Bourbon variety and is processed using the natural method. It offers a vibrant flavor profile with bright acidity, complemented by delightful notes of berries and citrus. With a silky body and clean finish, La Cristalina promises an unforgettable sensory experience for discerning coffee lovers.

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