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El Filo

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This coffee is a lightly roasted coffee suitable for a light expressive espresso or a light expressive fruity and floral filter coffee.


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El Filo
Origin: Colombia, Narino
Variety: Caturra & Castillo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2050 meters above sea level
Producer: Francisco Loaiza
Tasting Notes: Sweet fruit, clean, and bright. Notes of purple plum, berries, caramel. Tealike and very herbal

Francisco Loaiza is the owner of El Filo, a farm located in the heart of Alto de Naranjal, Nariño, perched at an altitude of 2050 masl.The farm is 5 hectares in size, with 2 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation and 6000 thriving coffee trees. He is a second-generation coffee producer.
Francisco cultivates Caturra, Castillo, and Variedad Colombia.

Harvest and post-harvest:
The main harvest runs from June – August, with a second harvest running from December – January. During the high-season, he hires 12 cherry pickers to assist him during the harvest.

The cherry-picking process is done by hand. The harvested cherries are then floated in plastic tanks and then fermented in cherry for 1 day. The cherries are then pulped, and fermented again for another 2 days. The coffee is sun-dried on a patio.

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