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El Eucalipto

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This coffee is a lightly roasted coffee suitable for a light expressive espresso or a light expressive fruity and floral filter coffee.

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Flavour: Hibiscus, berry candy drops, peach, raspberry jam, black pepper hints

Producer:Senecio Cordova Bermeo

San Antonio la Balsa, Peru

Weight: 250 gram

Method: Washed


Elevation: 1700-1800

Emanating from the heart of San Antonio la Balsa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru, El Eucalipto by Senecio Cordova Bermea tantalizes with its unique Geisha. Harvested from June to October, this washed coffee undergoes meticulous fermentation in ceramic tanks before basking under the sun on solar dryers. With a cupping score of 87.75, prepare for an enchanting journey through layers of hibiscus, berry candy drops, peach, raspberry jam, and hints of black pepper, all wrapped in a soft cider-like acidity. A full-bodied experience awaits, crowned by a long, creamy, caramel finish.

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