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Course – Latte Art

kr. 950

The course ‘Latte art’ is held on the third Wednesday of the month from 18:00 to 20:00.

Duration: 2 timer
Participants: 3-6 personer. In order for the course to be held, a minimum of 3 people need to be signed up.
Venue: Gammel Kongevej 84, 1850 Frederiksberg
Terms: We reserve the right to cancel a course with fewer than 4 participants.
It is possible for you to change the date of your course up to 14 days before the course date.

The course is only taught in Danish

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What you’ll learn on the course

On this course you’ll learn the many different facets of perfecting the consistency of your milk so you’ll be able to create the most beautiful latte art. You’ll gain all the theoretic and practical knowledge regarding the contents of milk, the proper frothing technique and how to pour correctly. We’ll provide any necessary equipment and milk, however, if you already have a favourite milk jug, don’t hesitate to bring it with you. 

NB: This course is not a course on how to brew the perfect espresso. If you want to learn more about how to perfect your espresso shot we recommend you take our “Homebarista Introduction” course beforehand. That way, you’ll have the perfect prerequisites for taking the latte art course.

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4/1-2024 kl. 18-20, 21/2-2024 kl. 18-20, 20/3-2023 kl. 18-20, 17/4-2023 kl. 18-20, 22/5-2023 kl. 18-20