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Cafetto – Eco Capsule Clean

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Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean is a capsule machine cleaner. 6 x 2.5g = 15g.
Biodegradable capsules. Compatible with Nespresso.
The benefits of cleaning your machine with Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean:

  • Enables your machine to produce the best coffee flavour
  • Improves the longevity of your equipment
  • Removes build-up of coffee oils
  • Eco-Friendly. 100% biodegradable capsule and recyclable foil

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The Australian company Cafetto specializes in green cleaning and sanitary products for espresso machines, coffee makers, coffee grinders and beverage dispensing equipment. Their goal is to provide efficient cleaning systems for businesses and individuals alike. Their philosophy is green – that’s why many of Cafetto’s detergents are not harmful to the environment or you. Cafetto makes a virtue of sustainability in every respect – therefore the production of their products is also sustainable. Minimal environmental footprints, pollution prevention and recycling are all cornerstones in the production of Cafetto’s detergents.

Cafetto is an innovative company. In 2017, they launched the first organic, eco-friendly capsule for Nespresso machines. The biodegradable capsule takes with you all the remnants of coffee oils and ensures that your coffee experience is always optimal. With Cafetto, you do not have to worry about chemicals in the coffee after cleaning the machine.

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