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Our grey label is a lightly roasted coffee suitable for a light expressive espresso or a light fruity and floral filter coffee

El Salvador


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Flavour: Baked Apple, Orange and Floral

Producer: Andres Acosta

Natural Method: The whole cherries are fermented

Weight: 250 gram – 1000 gram

Andres Acosta, the owner of Finca Nazareth in Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán, El Salvador, is a sixth generation coffee producer from the Ariz-Herrera family. The family has been producing coffee in the Concepción de Ataco and Apaneca municipalities in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range and growing region since 1875. Farmers in Ahuachapán were the first to grow coffee in El Salvador with seeds brought from Guatemala in the last years of the 1700’s; production then began in earnest in the 1800’s. The Ariz-Herrera family has been bringing sustainability, social responsibility, and employment to the communities around the farm for over 100 years. Their commitment to their community has led them to projects like being one of five local families who created FUNDATACO in 1991, a foundation that helps children from the region join soccer schools and pursue athletic opportunities and scholarships.

Located at one of the highest points in the mountain range with growing elevations of 1500–1650 MASL, Finca Nazareth grows primarily Bourbon coffee in clay loam soil. The coffee is carefully handpicked at the optimal stage of ripeness, hand sorted, and then processed at the family mill in Concepción de Ataco.

This lot of Typica coffee underwent Natural processing. Coffee is first floated to sort out any defective cherries. Next, the coffee is fermented for 24 hours in stainless steel barrels, providing an anaerobic environment. Finally, the coffee is dried in direct sunlight for four hours before being moved to shaded drying beds where it is dried for 30 days until processing is finished.

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1000 g, 250 g